Educational Institutions

School administrators know there is nothing more important to a family member than the graduation of a loved one, particularly a child. With those events comes the chaos of family members jostling for position like paparazzi and the disappointment of family members who live out of state and wish they could be a part of the big day.

Lorelle Communications has developed a turn-key solution that meets the needs of everyone by capturing the event in HD video without creating any intrusion to the event itself. Our unique production package featuring up to 8 robotic and manually operated cameras allows us to capture every moment of the graduation, concert, seminar or other major event at a high school or college, and broadcast it on a local municipal channel, via a website, Livestream or on YouTube. We have worked with institutions like Chicago’s Columbia College for a number of years capturing the most important moments of the school year for everyone to enjoy and remember. Find out how our custom video production packages can serve the needs of your school or institution.

Sample Videos